Vision Systems for 2D Marking, Reading & Verifying

Cognex DataMan reader equipped on a Styliner Pin Marking machine

SCHMIDT's laser marking and dot peen pin marking machines can permanently mark a barcode or 2d data matrix into your manufactured parts. We also have the ability to supply you with a vision system for complete integration of 2D marking, reading and verifying.

SCHMIDT currently uses Cognex DataMan® and In-Sight® products to supply our customers with accurate and reliable vision system solutions.

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DataMan® Series

Cognex fixed mount readers

DataMan® Fixed-mount Readers

Cognex DataMan® fixed-mount barcode readers represent a breakthrough in combining unmatched code performance, ease of use, and an extremely small size. Lighting, camera, processor and communications are all integrated making the DataMan fixed position barcode readers ideal for the most demanding applications.

DataMan fixed-mount barcode readers offer best-in-class performance with patented Cognex 1-D barcode and 2-D matrix code reading software algorithms, flexible optics, lighting options, easy setup, and quick deployment.

Cognex DataMan Series of handheld readers

DataMan® Handheld Readers

Cognex DataMan® industrial handheld barcode readers provide unmatched performance for direct ID part marking applications, where integration, ruggedness and the ability to read challenging marks quickly are essential to your success. DataMan industrial handheld readers have field interchangeable communication modules. One reader can be configured to meet specific communication needs.

In-Sight® Series

Cognex InSight fixed mounted ID readersCognex In-Sight®

Cognex In-Sight® fixed-mount ID barcode readers provide unmatched code reading performance. These readers integrate lighting, camera, ID software, processor and communications into an industrial-grade design making them the most versatile and rugged fixed-mount readers available today.

In-Sight ID readers incorporate Cognex IDMax® Data Matrix code reading software, based on the industry-leading PatMax® technology from Cognex, to provide the most robust and reliable decoding under all conditions. IDMax handles a wide range of degradations to the appearance of the code, no matter what the cause, allowing In-Sight readers to deliver the industry's most reliable reading.

DataMan® Software

DataMan 5.4.0 Software - Latest Version

This download is the current DataMan® set up software.

It adds support for customers who are using the DataMan® 8600, 8050X or 8050 series of handheld ID readers.

File Type: Zip
Size: 423.5 MB
Version: 5.4.0
Release Date: 09/15/2014

Download latest version of DataMan Handheld reader software for 8600, 8050X and 8050

Product Catalog

Click to download Cognex DataMan Series Product Guide

DataMan® Series Product Guide

Cognex offers a wide range of image-based barcode readers. This Product Guide details the entire DataMan® family of ID readers and models from small and powerful fixed-mount readers to advanced corded and wireless handheld barcode scanners.

Click to download Cognex InSight product guide

In-Sight® Vision Systems Product Guide

Ease-of-use is the core of In-Sight® vision systems starting with smart vision tools that automatically select features, set parameters and operate in real world conditions without adjustment. Our EasyBuilder® software interface offers everything required to easily set up reliable applications. 

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