GeoMARK Pro class I certified laser marking system

GeoMARK Pro - Class I Enclosure

The GeoMARK Pro is an advanced Class I laser marking system.

From the core components to the refined enclosure, everything is leading-edge. The foundation of this system is a 20 Watt pulsed fiber laser with an extended frequency range and high speed scanning.

A plethora of convenient features are included to supplement the lasers high capabilities such as a powered door, powered and programmable z-axis, aiming pointer, and touchscreen controls. A desktop PC and monitor containing highly precise laser control software are included with the system. This Class I system can be placed in any environment without impacting the safety of others. There are also a wide variety of accessories available for our GeoMARK lasers to help support your marking applications.

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GeoMARK Pro System Features

Laser etching titanium

Laser Marking Titanium

  • Advanced Fiber Laser

  • Class I Laser System

  • 11”x 11” Viewing Window

  • Aiming Pointer

  • Work Light

  • LCD Touchscreen Controls

  • Filtered Forced Air Cooling

  • Fume Extractor Port

  • Includes Desktop PC, Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse

  • 2 Year Warranty


GeoMARK Pro System Specifications

Quick Description Class I Certified Enclosed Laser System
Dimension (W x D x H) 36" x 30" x 39"
Power Input 110V - 3 connections required (laser, PC, and monitor), 4 with fume extraction
Required Compressed Air 80 PSI
Power (Watt) 20 Watts
Central Wavelength 1064 nm
Laser Type Q-Switched Ytterbium Fiber
Marking Field (mm) 110mm x 110mm
Max Marking Surface Height 11.8 inches
Max Part Size 22" x 19" x 11.8"
Frequency Range 2-200 kHz
Scan Speed <=20,000 mm/s
X/Y Movement Mirror galvanometer
Laser Working Distance 185 mm
Z-Axis Control Powered, Programmable (Manual available)
Cooling Air Cooled
Operating Ambient Temp 40-100 F
Control Panel Buttons LCD Touchscreen, Start, Stop, Emergency Stop
Operating System Windows 10
PC Desktop, Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse
FDA Classification Class I System
Warranty 2 Years
Accessories (non-stock) 30/50W, 254 or 330 lens, Fume Extractor, Barcode Reader
Connections 1x Ethernet
4x USB 3.0
2x USB 2.0
1x Display Port

GeoMARK Pro Laser Applications

Laser annealing, heat marks on stainless steel

Annealing / Dark Marking

For precise marking in any environment - See Accessories

Engraving, etching, and surface marks on most metals and color changes on various plastics


  • Annealing

  • Dark Marking / Heat Marks

  • Etching / Ablation

  • Engraving / Cutting

  • Discoloration / Foaming

  • Carbon Migration

GeoMARK Pro Laser Software

Laser Marking Software SCHMIDT

Laser Marking Software

  • Create text in any layout using Windows True Type Fonts and open type fonts

  • Generate 1D barcodes, 2D Data matrix, and QR Codes

  • Create QR Codes containing logos

  • Import images or vector files for marking

  • Easy implementation of serialization and date/time codes

  • Remote control via Ethernet or direct program calls

  • Adjust marking power, speed, laser frequency, and much more

GeoMARK Laser Brochures

click to download PDF of GeoMARK Pro

GeoMARK Pro Brochure

This brochure gives an overview of our standard class I laser marking system the GeoMARK Pro. Brochure covers the standard system features, suggested laser marking applications, highlights of the laser marking software and a laser source specification table. Also discussed are some additional laser machine options and accessories that can be added or changed from the in-stock system to meet your laser marking application needs.


GeoMARK Series Laser Catalog

GeoMARK Laser MARKING Catalog

This catalog gives an overview of our laser marking system offerings, available laser marking accessories, machine options based on different laser marking applications, and much more. We discuss the difference between laser marking sources and laser marking applications to help you determine the best solution for your specific laser application. We highlight all of our laser marking services including sample marking, custom laser marking software, laser machine training, laser system integration, and our laser machine rental program.

GeoMARK Eco Plus Brochure

This brochure gives an overview of our economical Class I Laser Marking System, the GeoMARK Eco Plus. Brochure covers all the standard features, suggested laser marking applications, highlights of the laser software, and a has a marking laser specifications table.

GeoMARK Eco Brochure

This brochure gives an overview of our in stock standard class IV open laser marking machine, the GeoMARK Eco. The brochure covers all the standard features, suggested laser marking applications, highlights of the laser marking software, and includes a specifications table. Also discussed are some available add on laser marking accessories.

Laser Systems Product Guide


Need a laser marking system? This will help you get started. It covers the basics of laser Marking sources and laser processes. It gives an overview of our class I laser marking enclosures and open class IV laser workstation options. It also covers what to consider when choosing the right laser marking system for your application.

Class I GeoMARK Pro


GeoMARK Pro equipped with a Nameplate Shuttlefeed System

This video demonstrates a SCHMIDT GeoMARK laser system equipped with a nameplate shuttlefeed system.





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