Marking Parts for Agriculture and Heavy Construction

Product identification and traceability are critical in aircraft manufacturing

Marking and traceability solutions for manufacturers of agriculture, construction and heavy machinery components is critical to all aspect of these industries.  Markings are required on steel assemblies, machine bodies, engines, equipment nameplates, heavy chains and more.

SCHMIDT has been providing marking machine solutions to the agriculture, construction and heavy machinery industry since we opened our doors in 1895. We have standalone systems for small parts and nameplate applications that can be equipped with automated part feeders. We manufacture portable systems that are ideal for marking large and heavy parts too cumbersome to bring to a fixed benchtop marking station. Our engineers can also develop integrated solutions for inline production marking.  

Industry Applications:

marking machines for aerospace parts
  • Name Plates and ID Tags

  • Manufacturer and OEM IDs

  • Technical Characteristics

  • Instructions for Usage

  • Logos, Graphics, and Custom Marks

Product Solutions for Agriculture and Heavy Construction

marking machines for military and defense laser marking

Laser Marking

pin marking

Pin Marking

traditional marking

Traditional Marking

Industry Application Article

portable marking machine

Customized Handheld Marking System Defeats Difficult Environment

Have a marking situation that is making people more than a little cranky? Not to mention taking forever. Sounds like the perfect place for a SCHMIDT solution.

One of our customers, a global leader in industrial water services, has the world’s largest fleet of mobile water treatment systems. 

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