Identification for Livestock and Pets

Product identification and traceability are critical in farm management

Being able to identify individual animals is critical to good farm management. One of the most common methods of identifying livestock is to apply an ear tag. Tagging allows for quick visual or electronic identification of each animal.  Specific tags are required for each kind of livestock with certain information required by state and national government regulations.

Keeping track of the family pet can be just as important. Most pet owners place a pet tag with information about the name and contact information of the owner should that pet ever go missing. Medical information such as rabies vaccination numbers or veterinarian location is also engraved on pet tags.

Industry Applications:

marking machines for livestock identification
  • PIC - Property Identification Codes

  • National Livestock Identification

  • Crop Year, Birth Order, Location ID

  • Pet Names, Owner Information

  • Custom Designs and Logos

Product Solutions for Livestock and Pet Identification

marking machines for pet identification laser marking

Laser Marking

pin marking

Pin Marking

traditional marking

Tag Marking

Industry Application Article

SCHMIDT Laser Marking Helps Reunite Lost Pets with Owners

SCHMIDT Laser Marking Helps Reunite Lost Pets with Owners

If you’ve ever lost a pet, you know the grief it can cause until your furry friend is found.

Stone Manufacturing & Supply Company has been helping owners reunite with lost pets since 1932. While they provide several million rabies tags for pets each year using standard methods, they recently made the decision to use laser marking for pet ID tags that would be both human readable and contain a QR (quick response) code.

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