Identification for Packaging and Logistics

Product identification and traceability are critical in packaging industry

A warehouse provides a central location for receiving, storing and distributing products. As each inbound shipment arrives, responsibility for the goods transfers to warehouse personnel and products need to be identified, sorted and dispatched to their temporary storage location. Packaging and logistics with proper identification is crucial for not only warehouse management but for distribution as well. It helps identify the right products for inventory management, storing, and shipping purposes.

Identification is equally important for individual packaging of goods and food. Consumers and end users of products rely on the packaging for information such as expiration date, nutrition, safety, quality and value.

Industry Applications:

marking machines for packaging industry
  • Model No., SKUs, Part Numbers

  • Serial Number, GTINs

  • Bar codes, 2D Data Matrix

  • Max Load Labels

  • Shipping Locations

  • Logos and Storage Information

Product Solutions for Packaging Identification

marking machines for packaging and food identification laser marking

Laser Marking

inkjet coding

InkJet Coding

Mobile Hand-held InkJet Coding

MarkJet 2600 Brochure

The MARKJET 2600 (now available to buy on-line)

The MARKJET 2600 is capable of printing detailed messages and images, including logos and 2D bar codes. And thanks to the unit's narrow dot rows, up to four separate lines can be printed in a single, hand-held pass.

  • On board touch screen controller, no computer needed - program direct on printer

  • One to four separate lines of code - can print 4 lines with one swipe

  • Stores up to 50,000 messages

  • 1D & 2D Bar codes

  • Character Print Height from 0.39" to 2.2"

  • Built in laser guidance

  • USB/Bluetooth

  • One ink color for the life of the printer