Laser Marking Semiconductors and Electronics

laser marking semiconductors

The electronics and semiconductor industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world. Technology is developing at such a fast pace, the need and importance for identification and traceability is critical to its success.

There are many types of identification marks required on electronics and semiconductors. These marks must be extremely clear, machine and human readable and be must be applied without disrupting the material or process of the semiconductors. This is way laser marking is most commonly used method to apply the identification marks on electronic and semiconductor components.

SCHMIDT manufactures a wide variety of laser marking systems for the semiconductor and electronic industry. We offer fiber lasers, green and uv lasers, as well as, CO2 laser marking systems. Each type of material, both metal and non-metal, react differently to the laser wavelegths. Knowing what system is best for your application is what makes SCHMIDT a trust partner by our customers.

Industry Applications:

laser marking machines for semiconductors and electronic components
  • Laser Marking on Silicon, Pure Germanium & Compounds

  • 1D & 2D Bar Codes, 2d Data Matrix

  • Logos, Graphics, and Custom Marks

  • Manufacturer Codes

  • Identification Processes

  • Date of Manufacture, Exact Lot Codes

Laser Marking Solutions for Semiconductor Manufactures

marking machines wind energy components Green laser marking

Fiber Laser Marking

UV laser marking

Green & UV Lasers

CO2 laser marking

CO2 Laser Marking


Custom Laser Marking Systems and Workstations


SCHMIDT can custom design a laser marking system to fit your part sizes, marking field requirements, part feeding and handling needs, or any other system aspect specific to your application.

Custom Class I Enclosed Laser Systems

  • Enclosures adhere to federal protective housing guidelines.
  • Guaranteed light tight and do not emit any laser beam or radiation.
  • Equipped with protective glass, proper labels and fail-safe interlocks.

Custom Class IV Open Laser Components

  • Great for marking a variety of part shapes and sizes without limitation
  • Ensures a sped up marking process and easy integration
  • Retrofit a current system or integrate into a current cell