Laser Sources for Marking & Engraving

SCHMIDT laser systems are available with:


Fiber and YVO4 Infrared Lasers: 1064 nanometers

Both Fiber and YVO4 Infrared lasers operate at 1064 nm wavelengths. This is the most common wavelength for industrial marking applications. All metals and some plastics can me marked and engraved using these laser sources. Both laser sources are solid state diode pumped lasers, the difference lies within their doping mechanism.

Fiber lasers utilize ytterbium doped fiber optics, a more advanced technology, while the YVO4 lasers use a more traditional ytterbium doped crystal. These differences are part of what determines their output peak power, the beam radius, and the pulse duration. Your laser marking process and marking depth requirements will determine which source is best for you.

Green Lasers: 532 nanometers

Green lasers are YVO4 IRs that use a frequency multiplier to emit the 532 nm wavelength. This technology creates a higher absorption rate and makes Green Lasers ideal for application that don't interact well with the 1064 wavelengths. Green lasers are perfect for softer plastics such as silicon, organic polymers, PCB boards and similar materials used in the solar and semiconductor industry.

UV Lasers: 355 nanometers

UV lasers, like the Green, are also YVO4 laser using that use a frequency multiplier to emit the 355 nm wavelength. This lower output makes UV lasers ideal for demanding applications requiring a low thermal footprint. UV lasers are great for making hard yet sensitive materials like glass and ceramics.

CO2 Lasers: 10,600 nanometers

CO2 are gas lasers that operate at 10,600 nm with high efficiency and good beam quality. CO2 lasers are ideal for non-metal applications that would not react well to solid state lasers such as wood, leather, paper, acrylic, textiles, and some plastics.



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Laser Systems Product Guide

Laser Systems Product Guide

Need a laser system? This product guide will help you get started. It covers our Fiber Lasers, YVO4 IR, Green and UV lasers, and our CO2 laser systems offerings. It gives an overview of our enclosure and workstation options and what to consider when choosing the right laser system for your application.