Laser System Enclosures and Workstations


SCHMIDT provides both class I certified laser enclosures and class IV environment laser components for your integration needs.

Class I Enclosed Systems

  • Enclosures adhere to federal protective housing guidelines.
  • Guaranteed light tight and do not emit any laser beam or radiation.
  • Equipped with protective glass, proper labels and fail-safe interlocks.

Class IV Open Environment

  • Great for marking a variety of part shapes and sizes without limitation
  • Ensures a sped up marking process and easy integration
  • Retrofit a current system or integrate into a current cell



SCHMIDT can custom design a laser marking system to fit your part sizes, marking field requirements, part feeding and handling needs, or any other system aspect specific to your application.

Workstation Options and Accessories

Whether you choose a class I certified enclosure or an open class IV workstation, the following are accessory options to support your laser application needs.