Marking Automotive Parts

Automotive manufactures use marking machines to mark the VIN number in car chasis


The automotive industry uses a unique serial number known as a VIN or vehicle identification number to identify individual motor vehicles.  SCHMIDT is a worldwide manufacturer of marking equipment for the automotive industry.  We specialize in marking machines to apply vehicle identification numbers as well as any custom coding application.

SCHMIDT manufactures a complete line of marking heads that can integrate with virtually any manufacturing operation, part assembly, test cell or robotic application. Our Styliner, Scribeliner and Laser marking systems can be completely customized to fit your automation requirements.

Automotive Marking Applications:

VIN numbers are marked into car bodies and transmissions on automotive assembly lines.

SCHMIDT offers a variety of marking machines and technology used by the Automotive industry.

Handheld pin marking on automotive car body

Our Portable Pin Marking machines, the Styliner® Stinger® and Super Stinger, are light weight hand held options that are great for marking large or heavy parts that are to difficult to bring to a fixed bench top marking station. These portable hand held marking systems can be equipped on a 4 wheel mobile support cart for easy travel around the shop floor.

separate pin marking heads for inline automation

Our robust Scribeliner® marking head series incorporates a drop and drag pin technology resulting in a continuous mark with extremely clear character definition and an ultra quiet marking operation ideal for automotive vehicle bodies. These marking heads can be custom designed with clamp fixtures, robotic arm mounting and system integration.

VIN tag marking

SCHMIDT Laser Marking Systems are often used in the automotive industry for VIN marking on tags used on vehicle and truck bodies. Our laser marking systems can mark 1d and 2d barcodes and be equipped with nameplate shuttle feed systems as well as, supplied as a complete 2d marking, reading, and verifying system.


Custom Application Case History:

Custom hand held Stinger lockable cart

Portability was required to meet the needs of an automotive manufacturer for their Vehicle Identification Number (V.I.N.) marking application.

SCHMIDT customized two standard Styliner® portable dot peen marking systems by connecting both marking machines to one controller and incorporated them on a movable lock cart to provide the portability and versatility required for this 2d part marking application. The marking system incorporates everything needed for the task, including air hose and power cable connections, that allows the customer to mark VIN numbers on the vehicle bodies anywhere in the assembly facility.


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