Identification Marking on Firearms and Weapons

identification marking on gas cylinders

SCHMIDT is an FFL licensed manufacturer of marking machines for engraving ATF required identification on firearms, rifles, pistols, shotguns, and other firearm components. Our machines mark 2D barcode, serial numbers, model info, manufacturer codes, caliber and gauge markings, as well as, logos, graphics or any other identifying marks required on firearms and other ATF monitored weapons.


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We know choosing the right marking system can be difficult, so let us listen and help you.

For over 125 years, SCHMIDT has been providing marking solutions to the firearm industry OEMs. Our marking systems can be equipped with part fixturing for holding and locating the firearms during the marking process, as well as readers and verifiers for 2D barcodes. SCHMIDT has the capabilities to completely customize any of our marking systems to perfectly fit your firearm identification needs.

Firearm manufacturers are required by the ATF to meet strict marking identification guidelines for all guns, weapons and firearms manufactured in the United States.

SCHMIDT is ATF certified

SCHMIDT is licensed by the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) to process firearms for marking identification requirements. Geo T. Schmidt, Inc's Federal Firearms License number is 3-36-031-07-2F-02530 and the license type is 07.

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