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SCHMIDT History: A Portable Marking Machine

June 25, 2020

Portable Marking Machine - SCHMIDT HistoryIn the 1950’s, SCHMIDT introduced the Portable Numberer, a portable marking machine that could be brought to the parts being marked when it was too difficult or impossible to bring the parts to the machine. The Portable Numberer was designed to mark serial numbers on cars, trucks, tractors, and railway car frames, but worked well on any structural steel part.

This portable roll marker produced clean, deep, and uniform characters with a barrel-style numbering head. The numbering heads could have 10 or 13 characters, depending on the desired size of the numbers. Additionally, letters could be switched out for numbers if needed.

The Portable Numberer was hung over the part to be marked using a hanger that maintained the machine’s center of gravity. It was swung into position and the marking sequence was activated by a trigger. It took about five seconds to mark a single character.

Current portable marking machine options

Portable Marking Machine - SCHMI

Though we no longer manufacture the Portable Numberer, we do have several portable marking solutions. Most notably, our Styliner® Stingers, our line of handheld pin markers, are specifically designed to be brought to the part to be marked. We also have Separate Marking Heads (S-Heads) which are pin marking heads that can be integrated into a manufacturer’s existing production lines.

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