Roll Marking Machines

Gas Cylinder roll marked by SCHMIDT

SCHMIDT manufactures pneumatic, hydraulic, and rotary roll marking machines to mark round, cylindrical, and flat parts.

SCHMIDT also manufactures a variety of tooling and fixturing to accommodate our roll marking machines.


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SCHMIDT manufactures a variety of roll marking machines and tooling to roll mark round, cylindrical, and flat parts. Roll marking is an economical solution for applications where tonnage requirements make a press marker too costly. It offers a practical solution where fragile parts would be damaged by heavy stamping pressure.

SCHMIDT Roll Marking MachineSCHMIDT roll markers offer many benefits:

  • Flexibility to mark round or flat parts
  • High Speed & High Production rotary units
  • Can be configured with part feeding systems
  • Less operating noise than marking presses
  • No impact damage to parts
  • Low equipment costs versus heavy presses
  • Dies last longer and work better
  • Quick tooling changes

Pneumatic Roll Marking Machines
For marking flat or round parts with minimal tonnage requirements.

Hydraulic Roll Marking Machines
For marking applications that require additional power and force.

Rotary Roll Marking Machines
For the high speed, high production marking on the periphery of round cylindrical parts.

Roll Marking Machines.

Series 9 Roll Marking Machine

Series 9 Pneumatic
Roll Marking Machine

Pneumatic Roll Marking Machines

SCHMIDT offers two pneumatic roll marking machines ideal for marking flat or round parts with minimal tonnage requirements.

  • Bench style and floor standing models
  • 7 1/2" to 12" vertical die space available
  • 1.45 to 3 tons of marking pressure available
  • Anti-tie-down dual hand controls ensure operator safety
  • Standard and custom tooling available
Model 175 & 575 MPC Hydraulic Roll Marking Machine

Model 175-575 Hydraulic
Roll Marking Machine

Hydraulic Roll Marking Machines

For those applications that require additional power and force, our standard hydraulic roll markers provide a maximum of 14 tons of marking force and up to 30 tons in highly specialized applications.

  • ideal for automated part marking and in-line production
  • floor standing models and integration models available
  • 4 to 14 tons of marking pressure available
  • Standard and custom tooling available
Rotary Roll Marker with bowl feed and mandrel type dial


Rotary Roll Marking Machine

Rotary Roll Marking Machines

Rotary roll marking machines for high speed, high production marking of cylindrical or tapered round parts.

  • Ideal for marking sockets, welding tips, screws, drills, and rods.
  • Easy to automate or integrate into a production line
  • continuous marking cycle that reduces part handling and minimizes or eliminates labor
  • Standard and custom tooling available


Tooling & Fixturing for Roll Marking Machines

Tooling and fixturing for roll marking machines is available in most cases from stock at SCHMIDT, custom options available. To roll mark round parts a roller bearing cradle and a straight type holder are necessary. To roll mark flat parts a round type holder and support carriage is required.


Roller Bearing Cradle:

Roller Bearing Cradle fixture for Roll Markers

Roller bearing cradles are fixtures that can be mounted on the tables of roll markers to support and locate solid round parts or heavy walled tubing for peripheral marking. Parts are loaded on these fixtures manually, and peripheral impressions are made using flat dies or straight type holders mounted in a machine slide. Dies roll over the periphery of the part causing it to rotate while marking. Standard cradles are carried in stock.

Special Cradles: We also make custom cradles to your specs.

Standard Roller Bearing Cradles

Stock Numbers Model Number Work Diameters
032721 9701-0B 1/4" to 7/16"
032722 9701-1B 3/8" to 1"
032723 9701-2B 3/4" to 2"
032724 9701-3B 1-3/4" to 4-1/2"



Round (Knurl) Support Carriage:

Knurl Carriage for Roll Markers

Knurl support carriages are designed to hold and support round type holders and solid lettering knurls. The carriage is mounted to the machine die slide for roll marking flat parts. Several sizes are available in stock in both t-slot and dovetail mounts.

Knurl Support Carriages
Bore Knurl
032735 3/4" 3/4" 3" 7289-D2 T-Slot
032789 3/4" 3/4" 3" 7975 Dovetail

Knurl Support Carriages

Stock Numbers

032735 032789
Bore 3/4" 3/4"
Knurl Thickness 3/4" 3/4"
Knurl Diameter 3" 3"
Carriage Number 7289-D2 7975
Mounts T-Slot Dovetail



Stud Arbor Fixture:

Stud Arbor Fixture for Roll Markers

Hollow round parts often are supported on arbors for marking. Plain Stud Arbor Table Fixtures are suitable where marking may appear at any point on the periphery. When a range of sizes needs to be marked, interchangeable stud arbors can be furnished for the same fixture base. A Spring Return Type Arbor is required for marking at the same starting point for each part. The spring return feature allows the stud arbor to return to its correct starting position after each marking cycle.


Tooling, Fixturing & Part Feeding Systems for Rotary Roll Markers

SCHMIDT manufactures specialty type and type holders for rotary roll marking machines, as well as, provides all types of feed and part discharge systems.

Radial and Wedge style type and logotype for marking

Radial type and logotype is available and used to make a circular mark onto a parts flat surface.

Radial type holders available in manual or machine style.

Wedge type and logotype is available and used in a concave type holder for rotary roll marking on the periphery of round cylindrical parts.

Concave wedge type holders available for rotary roll marking.


Wedge type and a concave typholder for planetary rotary marking

Concave Type Holder

Concave type holders are used for marking on the periphery of round cylindrical parts in a rotary roll marking machines. The recess accommodates specialty wedge type. Concave type holders with multiple line recesses are also available.


Bowl feeding system for Rotary Roll marking machines

Part Feeding & Discharge Systems

SCHMIDT can provide a variety of part feeding systems like the bowl feeder pictured here. Other available options include: Vibratory feeders, gravity chute feeds, hoppers, and pick and place systems.


Custom Application - Aluminum Gas Cylinder Part Marking

A manufacturer of high and low pressure aluminum compressed gas cylinders needed a safe, fast and quiet direct part marking solution.

Custom hydraulic roll marking machine for gas cylinders

The cylinder manufacturer previously used hand stamps to mark directly on the cylinder, with five pieces of information — cylinder specifications, pressure rating, serial number, date of manufacture and the company’s name.  This marking process proved to be to slow given all the information required on each cylinder. The company relied on SCHMIDT to solved their problem and automated their process. This was done using a SCHMIDT custom hydraulic roll marking machine that became integrated right into the production line.  SCHMIDT developed a system to accept the various cylinders after they are pressure tested. A special engineered device positions the cylinders in the roll marker and then re-positions them to continue down the line.



Roll Marking Brochure

Pneumatic & Hydraulic Roll Marking Catalog

This brochure discusses our pneumatic and hydraulic roll marking machines for roll marking of flat or round parts. SCHMIDT offers bench top or stand alone pneumatic units in a variety of tonnage with anti-tie down dual hand controls. These machines can also function as a squeeze press operation. For in-line production or marking of unusually large part sizes, our hydraulic units can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position.

SCHMIDT Rotary Marking Brochure

Rotary Roll Marking Catalog

The rotary roll marking catalog discusses our line of marking machines used for the high speed, high production marking around the periphery of cylindrical or tapered round parts. It includes application considerations, design specifications and a few custom applications are highlighted.


Pneumatic Roll Marking Videos

This video demonstrates SCHMIDT Series 9 pneumatic roll marking machine. It is equipped with a vibratory bowl to automatically feed the parts.


This video demonstrates our Series 9 pneumatic roll marker. It is a light-duty unit that offers clean pneumatic operation and outstanding performance with lots of operating flexibility. The standard Series 9 is designed for manual loading and unloading of parts. With a flip of a switch, the Series 9 can also be used as a press marker.


This video demonstrates SCHMIDT's pneumatic series 12 roll marking machine which has 3 ton maximum marking pressure with a standard 12" vertical die space. It features an adjustable cross slide stroke, multi-mode operations, and anti-tie-down dual palm controls for operator safety.

Hydraulic Roll Marking Video

This video demonstrates SCHMIDT's model 175 and 575 MPC hydraulic roll marking machines. SCHMIDT manufactures roll marking machines with a variety of standard features and custom capabilities for automated part marking and in-line production.

Rotary Roll Marking Videos

This SCHMIDT rotary roll marking Series 20 machine is marking steel flange lock-nuts and is equipped with a shut off door for operator safety.


This video demonstrates one of our rotary roll marking machines, marking around the perimeter of well sockets.


This video demonstrates one of our rotary roll marking machines, marking around the perimeter of valve bodies. Rotary roll marking machines can be equipped with vibratory bowl feeders, gravity chute feeds, hoppers and pick and place systems.


This video demonstrates a Series 22 rotary roll marking machines marking around the perimeter of small hexagonal shaped parts. This is a unique use of roll marking to mark flat surfaces of parts at high speeds. Roll die is geared to continuously rotating carrier dial and makes multiple revolutions with respect to the dial, according to the relative number of stations on dial. Parts are loaded into slots in the dial, driven through marking station and ejected automatically.